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Past Life Regression and Regression to the Womb

Houston Past Life Regression and Regression to the Womb sessions are amazing. In Houston as well as other locations, I tend to use a variety of different ways to access past lives. Sometimes people can just close their eyes and connect with a feeling to go back to a previous lifetime. Children typically work well that way, without even using a formal induction. Especially if they have already had some memories that seem to be from another time and place.

Recently I have been using a process that involves recalling memories from the childhood, happy, enjoyable times, memorable events. From there we go back to that very special time in the womb and finally make our way to a past life.

My clients have had some interesting experiences exploring regression to the womb. These include a variety of types of experiences from twins to soul group visits. Some have been aware of guides and angels with them in the womb and others are aware of family members.

We don't explore the time in the womb in every session, however, during some past life sessions and all Life Between Lives sessions we go back to the childhood and the womb before exploring your past lives. It can be a wonderful way to warm up to the experience.

One Past Life Regression client in Houston had no prior knowledge of Life Between Lives or the stops involved in that type of session. Yet when she was exploring the womb she ended up visiting her friends in her soul group. She said that after her soul began the integration with the physical body that sometimes she would leave and return to the spirit world.

When I asked where she went she begin to report others with her, but they did not have physical bodies. They were energy, balls of light, and then she realized that she too was a ball of light. She felt the love and knew these were her friends in spirit.

Michael Newton discusses the soul group in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. These are the ones that you incarnate with from time to time, though they do not all come in every life. In fact in some lives you may be flying solo, with no members of your group to assist you.

Several people have reported problems during their time in the womb. In some cases the mother got sick, which created problems during the pregnancy. Others report that the mother and father are not getting along and there is stress and tension. Regardless of what is going on with the soon to be family, most of the time there is a strong connection and a feeling of unconditional love from the mother.

In one Past Life Regression session my client stated that her soul left the body during the pregnancy at around 7 months when her mother got very sick. During this time she noticed a purple light that was there for her. She felt comforted by this light. Later we found out this was an angel that works with her, and was there to assist her during this difficult time in the womb.

After the session she discovered from her aunt that her mother did indeed get very sick and almost lost the baby as well as her own life at around 7 months. My client was unaware of this before the session.

More recently I had a Past Life Regression client whose sister had visited her mother in spirit during her time in the womb, but she never made it into the physical world due to a miscarriage. My client was aware of the sister's presence while she was in her mother's womb. This was a very emotional experience for my client, as you might imagine. She also was told that her sister is with her in spirit quite often, although she never had the opportunity to meet her in the physical world.

Although this is not a womb experience, one client told me that he was 6-7 months old and was riding on a boat with mom and dad. As we explored further we discovered that they were on a ride at Disney World. When I asked how it felt to be there he said, it is a blissful atmosphere. Later when speaking with his father I inquired about the visit to Disney world at such a young age. His father recalled that trip and even the boat ride, but he corrected part of the story. He said his son was 6 weeks old, and mentioned that he remembered that ride, mentioning his young son's eyes wide open, almost bulging.

Twins in the womb can be interesting to explore. Another Houston Past Life Regression client told me her mother had been sick during the pregnancy and she lost her twin sister. We were exploring the time in the womb and she was very aware of being happy there with her twin sister. Then when the mother got sick her twin let her know that she was not going to make it and she said goodbye before leaving.

I worked with someone who had a twin brother and she was very aware of his presence during her time in the womb. They had a special connection then and continue to have a special connection to this day. Even after they were born, they know when something is wrong with the other one. Of course this is common with twins.

If you are in Houston, give me a call so we can talk, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. When you are ready we can discuss scheduling a day and time that works out for you. Otherwise, check my Website to find out when I'll be back in your area. I am planning more frequent trips to New Orleans and Houston, though I will continue to return to other locations such as Arkansas, Oklahoma City and Charleston, SC. Although I travel a lot, I do live in Dallas and I see quite a few people in Dallas as well as other locations for Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives.

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